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Against a Darkening Sky by Lauren B. Davis

It has been a while since I’ve written. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been reading! So many of the books I’ve been waiting on have become available that I’m actually feeling quite overwhelmed. I was away on vacation so I didn’t have any time to blog about them but I’m back now and ready to give more reviews!

Wilona and Touilt live in Ad Grefin, where Touilt is a renowned seeress and Wilona is her apprentice. They are considered women of importance and everyone in their village seeks them out for remedies and spells. But when the king proclaims a conversion to Christianity, the tides turn against these two women. Now Wilona and Touilt have to battle against the men of Christ for their place in this new age.

The novel was written well with great attention to detail. I loved the historical aspects and the intricacies of all of the rituals. I liked the plot and the ending but when I finished, I couldn’t help but wonder what was the point of it all. I mean, it wasn’t as if there was no message at all but I was expecting a statement, something a bit stronger than the ending I read. I don’t want this to deter anyone; it really was a good book. But it wasn’t sensational and it isn’t something I would buy.

Happy reading ~

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