Fiction, Mystery/Thriller

A Silent Wife by ASA Harrison

I’ve seen this book on numerous reading lists and have heard from many people that this was worthwhile reading. Since I’m stuck in this genre, I decided to give it a go. It took me only a few hours to read it!

Jodi loves Todd. She attends to his every need and is the perfect housewife. When Todd cheats on her, Jodi is devastated. As Todd’s double life starts to take its toll on him, Jodi decides to take matters into her own hands and get the revenge that she deserves.

I can’t say any more about this novel without ruining it. It was … decent. I’ve read better novels in the psychological thriller genre but this was still alright to read. There was a lot of psychology in the book (and this is coming from a psychology major!) and it felt a bit unnecessary in my opinion. One thing I really enjoyed was how likeable Jodi was as a character; it made me feel happy to see the main character get vindicated for the wrongs done to her. For once, violence yielded a positive result! If you like this genre and want a light read, then give this book a chance. Who knows, you may learn something from it all!

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