Historical Fiction, Mystery/Thriller

A Murder in Time by Julie McElwain – Kendra Donovan #1

One of my most favorite things in the whole wide world to read about and to watch are things involving time travel. I love watching Asian dramas (in any language) and anytime there is time travel involved in that show, you can be assured that I will be avidly watching it. That’s why when I read the premise of this novel, I was so eager to get my hands on it! So without further delay, here is my review:

Kendra Donovan is a brilliant detective who has just joined up with the FBI. She is eager for a chance to prove herself in the field. However, her first chance leads to a disastrous raid where half her team is murdered because of a mole who was part of the organization. Kendra is gravely wounded but she makes it her mission to take revenge on the man responsible for the death of so many on her team. However, her assassination attempt goes awry, and as Kendra tries to escape, she finds herself moving through a stairwell – one that takes her to a completely different time point – 1815, to be exact. Before she has a chance to get her wits about her, Kendra is mistaken for a lady’s maid and is rushed into her duties. But before she can figure out how she managed to go back in time, she discovers the body of a young girl. Believing this to be the purpose for her strange circumstances, Kendra begins to investigate into this murder. But will she be able to discover the identity of this cunning killer without her twenty-first century tools? Or will she be his next victim?

I absolutely loved this novel. I loved the blending of the present with the past and I think the author did a fantastic job with this through the character of Kendra. What I enjoyed most about this novel was the process by which Kendra solves the murders. The author isn’t too detailed but the information presented is done in an artful way such that it remains interesting to read. All of the different characters were drawn up really well and did a great job of supporting the main character. The murders were graphic, and there is definitely profanity in the story but it worked with the kind of story being told here; it all made the story seem more realistic. This book was fast-paced and intriguing and I could not put it down! I heard there is a second novel coming out and I am definitely placing it on my list to read as soon as it is released! If you like historical fiction and murders, then this is the novel for you!

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