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A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness

I think I saw this book on a list for top horror novels to read during Halloween. I know it isn’t Halloween right now but I can never resist the call for scary books that will give me nightmares (yes, I know I’m weird)! I have had so little time on my hands recently and so many books to read that I tried to sit down and get through this book in one sitting – AND I SUCCEEDED! Anyways, here is my review:

At 12:07 am, thirteen-year-old Conor is woken up by a monster calling him from outside of his bedroom window. At first, he is terrified because he thinks it is the monster from his nightmares, the ones he has been having ever since his mother began her treatments. But this monster is different. It is ancient and ever-changing. And it has come after Conor for a reason. It wants something from Conor, something terrible and dangerous. It wants the truth.

If you are looking for a horror story, then this novel is definitely not it. It is much much deeper; it delves into the mind of a child and the whirlwhind of emotions that the child feels when dealing with something traumatic. This novel was interesting because of the way it approached its ending – even though it was an ending that was quite obvious. It was a good read, short yet descriptive, and poignant. I really connected with the character of Conor; my heart went out to Conor and all I really wanted to do was hug him and make everything alright. This novel definitely left a deep impression on me because of the way in which the monster that visits Conor becomes an integral component of who Conor really is. The bottom line is that this novel is a great deep read for children, teens, and adults alike – everyone who reads this novel will be able to take something from it!

Happy reading ~

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