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A Desperate Fortune by Susanna Kearsley

To be honest, I had actually forgotten about this book completely when I received the notification that it was available for me to read. I haven’t really prioritized it but I’ve finally finished it so here is my review.

Sara Thomas is brilliant with ciphers and puzzles. Whenever she is stressed or upset, she finds comfort in Sudoku puzzles. When she is offered the chance to break the cipher of Mary Dundas, a simple Jacobite exile, Sara readily agrees. Her journey takes her to Paris to the house of the woman who owns Mary Dundas’s diary. But as she begins to break the code, she realizes that Mary was no ordinary girl and might have been carrying a far more dangerous secret than previously thought.

This was a nice book. The historical part was quite good and I liked that the main character had Aspergers (not really a spoiler because the author tells you this right away). It had a bit of cute romance and bits of adventure here and there. Would I read this again? Probably not. It isn’t the kind of novel that I would beg people to read; it definitely did not make a lasting impression on you. If you’re looking for a historical fiction novel that is nicely written, then you can check this out!

Happy reading ~

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