A Deadly Thaw by Sarah Ward

I received this novel as an advanced copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

February seems to be the month of mysteries, and this novel is no different! Many of the books I have received from NetGalley are part of this genre, so I’m looking forward to immersing myself in the world of mysteries and thrillers!

14 years ago, Lena Grey was found guilty of suffocating her husband and causing his death. She offered no defense and served 14 years in prison. But within just a few months of her release, detectives discover his body in a disused morgue – and he has been recently killed. Which means…. if this is her husband, then who was the man she killed, and why did she lie about his identity? Detective Inspector Sadler and his team try to discover how this deception could have occurred. The team is convinced that this is more than just a case of marital strife, but before they can investigate further, Lena disappears, leaving behind her bewildered sister, Kat. Shocked by Lena’s lies, Kat decides to look into the past to uncover the secrets Lena has been keeping from her. But is she prepared to deal with the aftermath of it all?

The overall story for this novel was quite interesting. I liked reading from the perspective of all of the characters, especially since they all have their unique take on the situation. There was the police angle but also the family angle, which is interesting because I don’t think I’ve really ever read a book that has both of those perspectives. The theme of the story was really strong and carried through the entire book. I felt that the author really took the time to develop the story and shed light on every aspect of this problem. I liked the detective characters more than I liked Kat and Lena, or any of the other civilians; they just seemed more cohesive in terms of their organization and thought process compared to Kat, who sometimes acted like a chicken with its head cut off. There were two romance angles that were also worked into the story; one was more successful than the other in terms of its belieavability and growth trajectory. All in all, this was quite a good detective novel that was unique because of its dual perspectives on the same situation.

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